“Fiat justitia ruat cælum… Let justice be done though the heavens fall”


Injustice makes this commentator angry and it should make every American hope for a better ending to the story of the Hammonds but I don’t think we are going to get one unless the people make it happen. Maybe all government agents, employees, and officials should ask themselves these questions and evaluate what could be interpreted as legal and/or illegal procedures before they act in these uncertain times. Recklessly prosecuting the Hammonds as terrorists under the Anti-terrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act of 1996, (AEDPA) to obtain their mineral rights.  If true, it would seem to turn the public perception of a government on the wrong side of benevolent or even on the wrong side of lucid.

If law-abiding and God-fearing Americans are proclaimed as terrorists for infractions with such harsh penalties it is perceived wrong, any way you might want to put it. Considering that the Hammonds signed over LAND rights to pay the heavy fines under duress, is this not proof in the pudding?  If the people perceive the courts as confiscating property through environmental movement by racketeering, and not giving consideration to people’s rights and safety, assuredly this will destroy confidence in the rule of law.  That could be endangering the peace and safety of our country not to mention our freedom — don’t you think?

Do you think the Hammonds incident might be a fueling factor for the perception of an unstable and collapsing state, reaching down to destroy regular people with altruistic environmental political correctness and police-state legislation that rivals the old Bolshevik Russia? Ranchers have proven that they have been practicing good stewardship of the land for almost two hundred years in this country. It looks like politicians and bureaucrats at the highest levels in Government are participating in open and notorious corruption and racketeering for personal gain using the Environmental movement that has infiltrated the Federal Courts that were embedded in the Obama administration.  I think it’s time for everyone concerned to stop, step back and realize what is taking place and ask themselves if they are Americans or Environmental Marxists or just greedy criminals and land grabbers abusing governmental powers.

It’s a scary thought but this is an unusual and fearful time for those who speak out. This might be misconstrued as participation in a conspiracy, despite the YouTube (QAnon) insinuations and rumors in some kind of Tom Clancy, YouTube spy novel perpetuated by the alternative media without real substance.  It is making us all feel a little uneasy considering there are no hard facts readily available to the public –only fake mainstream news, followed by all kinds of confusing and unconfirmed information garbled by Net-Neutrality which leaves us all in the dark.

I did not vote for Hillary nor am I a liberal but Donald Trump has been in office for almost a year. I can’t confirm anything but flim-flam and confusion about draining the swamp or restoring justice to the Federal system. I don’t really find any knowledge of this swamp-draining from people within and/or outside of government on a restorative or productive level required to bring back public faith, but only rumor, innuendo, and gossip! I am still waiting to see the Justice Department take action on open and notorious crimes. It seems government is mired in political corruption, indecision, fake news, and Russian distractions. There is no clear vision concerning the foundation of our society for upholding the rule of law and to assure justice for all.

The biggest missing factor in this cesspool of injustice is a lack of truth getting out to the public so that we can all make informed decisions. We all know about the fake corporate media who are controlled by 6 monopolistic, cartel-corporate collaborators stall-feeding us with fake stories and keeping us uninformed. Many still think mainstream news is the official word but in reality, it is fraudulently giving the illusion of legitimacy. To put it bluntly, the fake corporate mainstream news is deceiving people hook-line-and-sinker and totally mesmerizing the uninformed masses until you can see suds coming out of their ears.

We discovered just recently that Net-Neutrality is nothing more than internet censorship using search algorithms, shadow banding and outright deleting the political undesirables from the alternative media on a national level. A conspiratorial cover-up of political aspirations using Google, (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter) and others who employ young people (with suds in their ears) are violating the public’s First Amendment rights. This is a bold move and should never be tolerated by a public that believes that a free press/media is essential to preserve freedom. Stalin-esk censorship is an extremely arrogant liberal ideology used as a ruse to steal our land, freedoms. and livelihoods while we are busy with fake media distractions. It kind of screams in a dry, dusty voice, “NEWs! Who has NEWS, Please give me News!” and it also screams “WHO IS IN CHARGE?” It is like a scene out of “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” when the Taylor (Corrupt Business Man) known as the Taylor Machine, stops the alternative media (Boys Stuff newspaper) who are a bunch of kids trying to get out the story.

Vladimir Lenin and Nikita Khrushchev once said, “You will sell us the rope with which we will hang you.” Who would have thought that the rope might be uranium for nuclear bombs located in southwestern Oregon and on the Hammond’s ranch? Conspiracy? Maybe. Rosatom, the Russian nuclear energy agency acquired that same URANIUM through a corporate shell game receiving approval from Hillary’s State Department and 8 other top government agencies? Jeff Sessions seems to be more concerned about pot smokers and interfering with state legislation than establishing stability in the Federal judicial system or going after real criminals and high crimes within his Federal jurisdiction.

Historically, rebellions are most likely to start over States rights and land use issues. Force and COINTELPRO tactics will only kick the can down the road and cause more injustice to exasperate the situation. FBI Covert operations against domestic political groups should be completely out of the picture. This is government at war against its own people and it has been already determined that such tactics should never be used on the American public. Any government agency or body that is violating the intent of the constitution and bill of rights is WRONG! How about doing the right thing and fixing the federal judicial system to remove the corrupting influences and pardon the Hammonds? Because of these types of incidents throughout the years, most Americans are starting to realize that we are all in grave danger.  The path for the collision between just-law and corruption and tyranny has already been set with great speed.

Damage control and a sincere, quick restoration of justice without FBI involvement, or any federal departments involved in the Uranium One deal, I believe can restore the current system; if we could get the President to put a fire under Jeff Sessions? A lot of people are talking about hitting the restart button with an Article V con-con but that could be dangerous and could be “throwing the baby out with the bathwater.” I know it’s not a perfect system but it is still doable and correctable, we Americans are a very resilient people.

We should start a Federal Grand Jury — no poo-poo or special prosecutors. Only a Federal Grand Jury has the subpoena power to look into corporate foundations involved in racketeering and corruption.  You might say — “with a big stick”. Root out those who have used intimidation, duress, and false imprisonment by conspiratorially infiltrating our courts and judicial systems through the use of the environmental cause.  This type of corruption is endangering us all!

Barry Soetoro left us in a brain-damaged liberal utopia mess. Cher, in the movie, Moonstruck should slap us all and yell “snap out of it!”  An immediate and real Federal Grand Jury to restore the people’s trust in the rule of law is a good place to start. We should implement safeguards against convicting ranchers for back burning or any other minor infraction and treating them as criminals or arsonists under the Anti-terrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act of 1996. Passing the Anti-terrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act of 1996 obviously shows motive for the complicity of Congresses in a “conspiracy” to steal rancher’s land or at least provide enough evidence in a Federal Court! “Snap out of it!”  A pardon for the Hammonds and restoration of damages might begin to restore faith in Jeff Sessions, the Department of Justice and might even turn the behemoth swamp-boat.  We might be able to lessen the damage enough to prevent sinking the whole Republic into a filthy, stinky, lawless, chaotic swamp!

P.S. Just a thought — Psalm 94:20 “Can wicked rulers be allied with you, those who frame injustice by statute?”

Committee of Safety – “One Cowboy’s Stand for Freedom” –

A Committee of Safety was probably one of the last things on LaVoy Finicum’s mind and the mission of his trip to John Day, Oregon. If you scroll down past the Judge Jeanine video you will find the full movie of “American Standoff.”


DOJ scrutiny opens door to new Uranium One investigation

The Justice Department’s scrutiny of an Obama-era deal that gave Russia partial control of the U.S. uranium supply has opened the door to the possibility of a new investigation – egged on by the White House.

At the end of their terms presidents typically grant pardons or clemency to a host of federal inmates whose cases are too politically controversial for all but a lame duck to handle.It’s time that President Obama grant Dwight and Steven Hammond clemency and allow them to return to their Orego

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