Committee of Safety – “One Cowboy’s Stand for Freedom”

Committee of Safety:  Was One Cowboy’s stand for Freedom to establish a Committee of Safety?

Robert LaVoy Finicum’s main objective meeting Sheriff Palmer was to begin establishing a foundation for a “Committee of Safety” and was an objective for his trip to John Day, Oregon. If you scroll down you will find the full movie of “American Standoff.” LaVoy Finicum also left us his YouTube chronicles, thoughts, and experiences that he had with the Bureau of Land Management so that anyone can look them up for themselves. Established a Committee of Safety was the original objective of conversation and meeting in John Day Oregon upon Lavoy’s arrival. As we all know LaVoy Finicum never made it to John Day and was gunned down on the side of the road by the FBI and Oregon State Police before finishing his trip while on his way to speak with the Sheriff and 300 people at John Day awaiting his arrival.

To paraphrase LaVoy’s thoughts, he realized that the people cannot overcome printing presses that print money out of thin-air and creating agencies like The Bureau of Land Management with inexhaustible funds. LaVoy stated that “the Federal Government is enmeshed and entwined in every aspect of our lives”. Bureaucratic “agencies using gun-toting rangers” to force to restrict property rights. LaVoy Finicum stated: “The Federal Government has said to the west that we own and control your land”. Only an informed freedom-loving people can counter overreaching agencies when all constitutional balances of the Federal Government fail and the States go along and ignore the injustices that are perpetrated upon their people. I believe LaVoy’s sacrifice was a stand for freedom.  He perceived the Hammond’s treatment as unjust under the “Anti-terrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act of 1996”. This legislation was used against the Hammonds, innocent ranchers for back-burning and declared arsonists and terrorists basically to steal their land, and their livelihoods. To LaVoy, the persecution of the Hammonds by a corrupted federal court system seemed way-overboard,  tipping the scales of justice to the extreme abyss of a chaotic lawless hell to achieve a communist UN agenda 21 goals. Most people, including silent government employees and law enforcement familiar with the case, agree that LaVoy was right and the Hammonds were treated unjustly. The West now has a man that could be considered an unblemished martyr, in whom no fault was found, a hero that willingly gave his life, despite how the media and Federal Courts try to spin it.

So that the reader knows and has an understanding of the truth, this story has some Latter-Day Saints (LDS) underpinnings because LaVoy and the Bundy’s are both LDS members, however, the support seems to be a good mix of different religious beliefs. This could be significant because of the population demographics and the amazing organizational structure of the church. The author has no affiliation with the LDS church or faith but does associate, understands and respects their morality and spiritual stance. I believe that all faiths will be sympathetic to this story because of the injustice to the Hammonds and the obvious assassination of LaVoy. Self-government is often rejected by the public education system and the Fake liberal-leaning mainstream media.  This has created a generation of educated useful dupes.  America seems to be on the way to an authoritarian Marxist like utopia and some couldn’t care less, as long as they still have WiFi.

Putting government control in the hands of the people by establishing a Committee of Safety was a key idea to Government by the people and for the people and was a radical idea in 1776. To my amazement and bewilderment, the concept of self-government can be even a more radical idea today. I believe the shock of Robert LaVoy’s brutal murder and roundup and arrests of those that participated produced amnesia of the original objectives of establishing Committee of Correspondence and Committee’s of Safety’s. I believe Robert LaVoy Finicum without fear or reservation gave his life while on his way to see Sheriff Glenn Palmer to try to begin the process in the town of John Day, Grant County, Oregon. The Harney County Committee of Safety was already established in the town of Burns, Oregon while the town was under a military occupation with road-blocks, swarms of the FBI, heavy equipment, and agents toting machine guns – indistinguishable from army soldiers.  The siege of the town of Burns, Oregon resembled the occupation of Baghdad. The zoo-like occupation was good for business, however.

By Andrew Selsky, “Co-worker Linda Gainer said the business she got from journalists, agents, occupiers, protesters against the occupation, and from protesters protesting the protesters, more than made up for any slower days”.

Harney County Judge, Steve Grasty denied citizen groups from using county buildings and intimidated people from setting up their own public meetings. Grasty got the help from the appointed (not yet elected), Sheriff Ward who assisted Judge Grasty.  Grasty believed Bundy was organizing the meetings, so Grasty and the Sheriff interfered with the people trying to organize a Committee of Safety.  Grasty later received a recall for interfering with citizen’s rights of free speech and freedom of assembly but the recall failed. The county government did not need help from the FBI to protect against the occupation in the wilderness but seemed more concerned with stopping the people of Harney County from formulating and organizing. The Bundys were at the Malheur National Refuge Buildings in the wilderness 30 miles from the FBI military occupation of Burns and were probably wondering what was going on in Burns?

Americans took control back from the English officials during the American War of Independence through the Committee of Safety and organized the unorganized militias, ensuring that the military would always be under civilian control. A Committee of Safety oversaw fair elections, established Grand Juries and acted with the help of the elected Sheriff.  A Committee of Safety could call out the militia when necessary, arrange for the help of those that needed immediate assistance and even attend to the welfare and care of people to make sure that they maintained the peace and dignity essential during the civil upheaval.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

“In the American Revolution, the committees of correspondence, committees of inspection (also known as committees of observation), and committee of safety were different local committees of Patriots that became a shadow government; they took control of the Thirteen Colonies away from royal officials, who became increasingly helpless.[1]

In Massachusetts, as affairs drew toward a crisis, it became usual for towns to appoint three committees: of correspondence, of inspection, and of safety.[2] The first was to keep the community informed of dangers either legislative or executive, and concert measures of public good; the second to watch for violations of non-importation agreements, or attempts of loyalists to evade them; the third to act as general executive while the legal authority was in abeyance. In February 1776 these were regularly legalized by the Massachusetts General Court but consolidated into one called the “Committee of Correspondence, Inspection, and Safety” to be elected annually by the towns.”

President Obama alias Barry Soetoro signed and executed Executive Order 13575, outlining the implementation and goals of Agenda 20/30 and this was recognized and understood as a land grab by the ranchers. This really came home to roost after Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid and his sons attempted to steal the Bundy’s grazing rights in Nevada (not in Reid’s state) using the environmental banner to save the desert tortoise. Cliven Bundy’s family was the last ranch in business in the area;  It seemed obvious that the BLM has put most ranchers out of business through steadily increasing grazing fees and dictatorial regulations and requirements intentionally driving ranchers out of business. Cliven Bundy refused to pay fees for his natural rights that he said his family established before BLM started managing the land In Nevada and that the Federal Government had no jurisdiction over his established land rights. Democratic Majority Leader Senator Harry Reid was perceived as pulling strings behind the scenes to take the Bundy’s grazing rights through a BLM occupational Army, headed by Daniel Love.  Senator Reid’s son assisted in setting up a deal with the Chinese, selling the land for future solar power plants. This bold move created an armed standoff that included highly trained snipers on both sides– with a very high probability of sparking a real shooting war, but the BLM withdrew, for safety concerns without incident. Harry Reid called the Bundy’s and supporters “terrorists”

Real or Perceived, After the first Bunkerville incident, Ranchers concluded Government agents were conspiring to steal land by persecuting ranchers in a massive land grab coordinated with the Federal Court System, the FBI, Bureau of Land Management and the Department of the Interior. The Government  Majority Senate Leader with the help of fake news and Federal Courts believed (Senator Herry Reids words) Real or Perceived that all Ranchers who resist should be considered Terrorists.  The characters in this cowboy movie didn’t wear black hats to identifying the bad guys, it was a little more complicated. The Hammonds probably didn’t realize what hit them when they innocently gave uprights for a fair judgment in the Federal Courts.

After the Hammonds served their original sentence, the Ninth Circuit Federal Court vacated the original sentence and remanded to re-sentencing, the ranchers by an appeal back to their own district court overriding their own Judges adjudication, (mind boggling-isn’t it?), the second sentence for the same crime, Dwight Lincoln Hammond, Jr., 73 and his son Steven Dwight Hammond, 46. The district court subsequently re-sentenced both Hammonds to the mandatory minimum of five years in prison under the new “Anti-terrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act of 1996”,  putting the Hammonds in double jeopardy, flagrantly using Color of Law, and sending chills up the spine of law-abiding citizens. Two separate sentences for the same, so-called –crime — after serving the original sentence for simply back-burning was over the line of being acceptable for people of the west and prompted Ammon Bundy’s call from on-high to start the occupation of Malheur Wildlife Refuge in Oregon after the Bunkerville incident.

Back-burning is a necessary and common practice by ranchers that the Hammonds had been practicing for years. The Hammonds had no choice but to sell the purchase rights of their ranch to the BLM under great duress to pay fines that were also included.  It seems evident to the Ranchers that the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has been taking the land with plans to lease it to the Clinton Foundation donors?%$#W@T *?F!

“A US Geological Survey Bulletin (1740-B) indicates there is a high potential for silver, gold, copper, mercury, uranium, and molybdenum (a refractory metallic element used principally as an alloying agent in steel) and other resources in the area. There is also a moderate estimate of natural gas and oil.” It is obvious that the Hammonds stand in the way of total federal monopolization of natural resources in the area.”

Harry acted as if “we are in your face ranchers and what are you going to do about it?”.  Oregon Governor Kate Brown stated: “taking possession of the wildlife refuge was absolutely intolerable”. Governor Kate Brown had written to Attorney General Loretta Lynch and FBI Director James Comey asking for action by the FBI. Two Oregon state legislators visited FBI Director Comey’s office to ask for FBI help to end the standoff, and Director Comey certainly obliged!

ARTICLE IV, SECTION 3, CLAUSE 2  The Congress shall have Power to dispose of and make all needful Rules and Regulations respecting the Territory or other Property belonging to the United States; and nothing in this Constitution shall be so construed as to Prejudice any Claims of the United States, or of any particular State.

The original design of the Constitution authorized residents of the Territories to establish statehood through the Enabling Act of 1802  however public lands are for state growth and public land in the jurisdiction of the State after State ratification into the union.  Congress cannot deprive State legislative powers of the use and protection of its public lands after statehood. The Enabling Act, the Taylor Grazing Act, and now the Anti-terrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act of 1996 are all under War Powers without activatable consent of the State and under a national emergency using color of law that is a permanent De Fact encroachment on private property and states easements rights. The media claims Cliven  Bundy owes $1000.000.00 (one million dollars) to the BLM for unpaid grazing fees. However, Bundy’s Facebook page from the “Bundy Ranch” states “the Government never sent a bill or tried to collect money from him.  Also, he states on his Facebook page  “Did you know the media just made up that he owes 1 million dollars?!?” Cliven might not be so quick on the uptake of politically correct speech but he is an old sly fox that knows the real law and refused to sign or enter into a contract with the BLM.

Ammon Bundy’s stated: Protest and occupation at the Malheur Wildlife Refuge were in line with the First Amendment for a redress of grievances!

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Burns county Sheriff Dave Ward arrived at Malheur National Wildlife Refuge on the 6th day of the occupation. Sheriff Ward personally offered  Ammon Bundy and his followers a safe escort to the state line. Ammon Bundy stated that the people’s written redress of grievance is still being ignored and that he did not wish to leave until the petition of redress was addressed by representatives. Bundy asked the Sheriff if he was willing to address the redress of grievances. Sheriff Ward stated that he was only there to give safe conduct out so that he could get back to his family and friends. Bundy stated that he and his followers posed no threat to the town of Burns or the county and that we are being peaceful. The Sheriff stated that “I know but it would only take one unstable person to show up.”They shook hands and went their separate ways.

Shortly after a military-style vehicle stop and ambush incident took place (that will go down in history).  Ryan Payne, Ryan Bundy, Shawna Cox, and a teenage girl known as Victoria in the back seat with LaVoy Finicum driving, came to a stop by unmarked vehicles behind.  Shots were heard and Lavoy pulled over,  Ryan Payne got out of the vehicle with hands up. LaVoy stuck his hands out of the window and yelled “I’m going to see the Sheriff… I’m going to see the Sheriff,  and yelled “who are you” if you want to shoot me go ahead” (pointing his finger at his forehead and saying),  “Put the laser there and pull the trigger, the blood will be on your hands”. He turned back inside and asked the people in the vehicle if they would like to get out of the vehicle or continue to go? The consensus in the vehicle was to go.  Accelerating and gaining speed about one mile down the road and just as LaVoy started around a curve in the road, he encountered another roadblock with unmarked trucks — possibly one State trooper and two or three civilian vehicles with snipers on the side of the road. Before reaching the vehicles on the road, LaVoy received gunfire and drove off the highway into a snowbank on the left.

LaVoy immediately got out of the vehicle with his hands in the air, seemingly for the safety of the others in an attempt to draw fire from the vehicle. LaVoy yelled, “go ahead and shoot me… go ahead and shoot me.”  Almost immediately multiple gunshots rang out as Lavoy got out of the vehicle. As multiple shots rang out Shawna states, “Damn, are they shooting him.. did they shoot him?” Ryan states, “I think they did.” Shawna angrily replies, “You assholes!”  The young girl yells: “O’ my God!”  Shawna implores her to, “stay down don’t get out” as the young girl asked, “is he dead” and yells uncontrollably,  “I have to get out and see if he is okay.” Ryan asked the young girl, “are you hit?” and opens the door as shots rang out shooting out the remains of the window. Shawna yells, “no don’t get out, don’t do anything… wherein the hell is LaVoy?” Ryan closes the truck door looks over the window as shots rang out at his cowboy hat as he peeks out the window and crouched back down and says, “I can’t see.” As Shawna repeatedly says, “stay down”, the gunfire continued as Shawna prayed, “God help us” and repeatedly saying,  “please O’ God protects us…Please protect us…we need help…we need help”, as laser beams flurried around and shots rang out. Shawna yelled, “stop” and said, “I don’t dare get out or they will shoot me”.

Ryan said that he was hit in the arm. Alone rifle shot rang out piercing the truck. Shawna yells, “damn, why do they keep shooting?” and Ryan replies, “they’re trying to take my head off, is what they are trying to do!” Shawna states, “Yeah, but all of us?” Shawna hollers, “stop… stop…stop”, repeatedly as the young girl is pleading…” please!” The FBI’s response was more gunfire as gas canisters penetrate the window. Not being able to breathe because of the gas, the young girl begins hanging a white flag out of the window and yells, “We surrender.” A voice is heard in the distance outside of the vehicle, “come out on the left side door”. Shawna insists that the young girl get out first as she leans over Ryan and opens the left truck door and yells, “Please don’t kill me”.  The voice comes back outside the vehicle,  “the man first”, as Shawna tells the young girl you go first but Ryan gets out with his hands in the air. You can hear the voice outside shouting, “keep your hands up” and other indistinguishable voices in a drill sergeant-like fashion giving commands that were not understandable.  It seemed to the people in the vehicle that assuredly, the FBI and Oregon State Police had intended to use deadly force and/or received orders to kill LaVoy and they did — in cold blood and without any known provocation or compassion or mercy. Because of the quality of the video drone footage, you can’t tell if LaVoy was going for a gun or if he was wounded and/or if he was armed, who knows what will come out after a real investigation by an impartial organization? Could it have been an order through a chain of command?  It is a real possibility. Maybe a paper trail still might exist.

By shooting first, Oregon State Police and FBI agents assassinated one cowboy and tried to shoot Ryan who was still in the vehicle, endangering the two women also in the vehicle.  This was a legal action through the Military Authorization Act because:

  1. The need to set an example because of the loss of face at the Bundy standoff with the BLM three years ago.
  2. Stop LaVoy and Bundy from reaching Sheriff Palmer and 300 people waiting for their arrival to help form a Committee of Safety in the town of John Day.
  3. Government employee logic dictates they’re occupying the Federal buildings and must be terrorists.  Who cares? –Do what you’re told, collect your paycheck and go home.
  4. Quell a possible rebellion by killing the leadership.
  5. All of the above.

none of the above” would have been the correct and lawful answer in a free society.

For over a year ranchers stood down to wait for the results of the election, hoping for relief from the BLM harassment and unjust sentencing in Federal Courts and hopefully justice for the killing of LaVoy. And what about a pardon for the Hammonds, who unjustly languish in prison. So far, not much done. Deep-state? Maybe. I think President Trump is busy proving himself as legitimate to the fake media. The Federal and State Government’s silence on this matter seems to scream with a loud and clear voice to the people of the West, “you are on your own!” Electing good Sheriffs and establishing a Committee of Safety might be the rancher’s only remedy to deal with a severely dysfunctional Government.

Barry Soetoro, alias Barack Obama  had to know that this foreign collectivist UN document implemented under executive order aka, UN Agenda 21, is nothing more than a massive federal land acquisition and its implementation would throw the country into anarchy and rebellion by taking land and re-redistributing the land into the hands of the Department of Interior and cooperate, friends.  The Executive Order subjugated county planning and building departments to establish a centralized chain of command, putting counties under the United Nations control. The Agenda 21 UN document was in direct conflict with the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights and bypassed state legislators under the banner of the UN’s sustainable development and an army of 501c3 organizations created for this purpose.

This UN Agenda 21, the executive action took land rights from ranchers by force of law with the aid of a federal judicial system using the color of law riddled with corrupt and radical environmentalists embedded in the courts and corporate agencies. These private Politburo committees have elicited foundation funds and are consciously bypassing the Constitution and State legislators.  Continued corruption must be dealt with in a lawful manner by the Justice Department but has a shelf life.

Plausible deniability is hard with Obama’s and Gov. Brown’s full knowledge to end the ranchers’ rebellion before it grew, even at the risk of taking lives; and it did. A man stood and died, a brave American patriot who stood in opposition to the illegal implementation of sustainable development and falsely accusing and imprisoning innocent ranchers.

Hillary Clinton is accused of giving %20 of US uranium to Russia firm “Rosatom” in return for channeling donations to the Clinton Foundation. The deal was approved by nine Federal agencies including the State Department at the time Hillary was the boss.

When the pendulum swings in the opposite direction and facts unfold, officials could be found and held responsible for misguided illegal actions, complicit in destroying many good Americans and the taking of the life of a brave American who was willing to do what he thought was right according to the dictates of his conscience. It was Americans pulling triggers that acted as LaVoy’s judge, jury and executioners without due-process by using deadly force and firing at LaVoy and his party first before his vehicle came to a stop because they obeyed illegal orders. Upon observing the mood of those to whom I have spoken over the 2 years, I would conclude that most are informed and angry about the issue. Most believe this matter is not over yet — and of course the uninformed and misinformed are among us but waking up fast. Jeanette Finicum, the widow of Robert LaVoy put it mildly when she said: “it’s not okay that our government behaves like a big bully.”  As Robert LaVoy Finicum signed off in his YouTube videos,  this was, “one cowboy’s stand for freedom”.

Find out more about the Harney County Standoff by watching the video, “Bundy, The True Story – Official“.

Being prepared is a responsibility of each adult individual and family. The Committee of Safety assist the people in this responsibility. The Committee of Safety encourages families to prepare food, shelter, fuel and clothing for future needs. The Committee of Safety assists individuals and families to be self reliant.

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