War on the West exists with a purpose of educating and informing the general public related to the increased reach and power of the federal government to violate States borders and individual property rights.

Our forefathers intended to put into place checks and balances into our government to prevent the government from overreaching its powers and enslaving its citizens.

Since then, we have seen the powers and reach of the government continue to grow more abusive and powerful and the rights of individuals diminish, our Bill of Rights in the Constitution no longer protects the Right to our life and property to its full and original extent.

Our mission is to provide the necessary tools of education to allow the every day man to understand the rights that were bestowed upon him when our Declaration of Independence and Constitution was put into place. Knowing is the first step to individual freedom as laid out by our forefathers and the Western States will take the lead to hold those rights dear.

Choosing to decide what to do with this information is your responsibility.

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” ~ Martin Luther King Jr.