All Hands On Deck For An Important Mission! The Ready Room with Pete & Deb

“There’s something going on in America. A ranching family in Oregon was victimized by land-grabbing Marxists who weaponized the judiciary & declared them “arsonal terrorists” for setting a back fire on their ranch. Dwight and Steven Hammond are in prison for the SECOND time — for the same conviction — after the original judge’s ruling was overturned on appeal — U.S. District Court Judge Michael Hogan refused to issue the five-year mandatory minimum sentence. Prosecutors (Amanda Marshall) immediately appealed, calling Hogan’s lighter prison sentences “illegal.” An activist prosecutor named Amanda Marshall refused to let the U.S. District Court Judge’s ruling stand & piled on after she “won” at the expense of the Hammond family: “The court of appeals agreed with us that Judge Hogan exceeded his authority when he ignored the law and didn’t impose the mandated prison sentence,” Marshall wrote. “That’s it. Pretty straight forward.” As time has passed, we’ve also discovered some things about Ms. Marshall’s ethical standards which are pretty straight forward. As a result of her unethical behavior, she’s now a ~former~ U.S. Attorney, because it appears that while she types up 9th Circuit appeals on her computer, she may have been simultaneously sexting & stalking her underlings. Pete Santilli says, “This is the like having Harvey Weinstein put in charge of the Oregon prosecutor’s office. It’s hard to imagine having a known groper enforcing the law. It’s pretty straight forward.” Marshall’s lawyer, Allison Martin Rhodes, said to the Oregonian that Marshall “has always acknowledged” that she “was not completely truthful” when asked by a superior about the relationship. Santilli now weighs in to ask the question, “…So, Ms. Marshall is only unethical and immoral when she has her heels in the air at your office when her stalking victims are present, but she pursues justice with integrity whenever she pursues American ranchers?” The bottom line is that the Hammond’s remain in jail, and millions of Americans have no clue about the whole story. It’s time to kick up a public awareness campaign to #FreeTheHammonds Tune in today to hear some ideas for how we can get the word out!”

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